Plato Township Assessor will be retiring after over 35 years of service.
May 6, 2024

After over 35 years of service, I will be retiring from the office of Plato Township Assessor.  It has been my privilege to serve the people of Plato in a time of rapid expansion and change, and I wish only the best to all of the people here as they seek to guide our township into what I hope is a bright and prosperous future.  

It is important to me that the office maintains continuity in a time of change.  I will remain in my official capacity until the end of 2025.  The office is currently seeking a candidate to run as Plato Township Assessor in the March 2025 election.  Those who are interested in applying are encouraged to come forward.  The qualifications for an Illinois Assessing Officer can be reviewed at the Illinois Property Assessment Institute website  

Those who have questions, are encouraged to contact my office as we plan a smooth transition to a new Plato Township Assessor.  We can be reached by phone at (847) 464-4221 or by email at  

I believe that the future for Plato Township is bright, and that through the cooperation and dedication of its elected officers and concerned citizens, we can chart a course to better, more efficient, more responsive local government.

Janet Roush