Mosquito abatement in Plato Township
June 11, 2020

The Township has contracted with Clarke to spray for mosquitos this summer as part of its mosquito abatement program. The first spray application for mosquito control is scheduled for the week of the 15th. The exact day will be posted on the website as soon as Clarke notifies the Township of the date. Clarke has an 800 number and a portal on their website so residents may sign up for personal notifications of the date and time that any scheduled application will be taking place in the Township. The number for Clarke is 1-800-942-2555 follow the prompt and it will offer you an option to sign up for personal notifications of spray applications in the Township. The Highway Department will continue to treat standing water in the Township with larvacide in an attempt to limit the hatches of young mosquitos. The larvacide along with spray applications at the proper times will help to reduce the mosquito population as we progress into our warmer summer months.