Kane County Annual Recycling Extravaganza Sat. 7/10/21
By Member Larry Trainor
July 8, 2021

From: Jennifer Jarland, Kane County Recycling Program Coordinator

Kane County Annual Recycling Extravaganza Sat. 7/10/21

Kane County is once again hosting an annual recycling extravaganza event on Saturday, July 10th, 2021 from 8am – 12 noon, at 540 S Randall Road in St. Charles. This event DOES NOT include shredding. Please see the EVENT POSTER for more details, and read below information to make the most of your event experience!

Tips for optimal event experience
1. Please arrive between the hours of 8am and 11:45am for optimal service. Please do not arrive early, as it creates a pile up before we even begin. Thank you.
2. It is recommended that you approach on the North-bound side of Randall, coming up from 38 towards 64, so that you can easily turn right, into the event at the Kane County Traffic Court building. If you approach on the South-bound side of Randall, you may have difficulty turning left into the event site across the oncoming traffic, and the lineup creates a traffic flow problem on Randall.
3. Please check out the MAP, of the event to see the order in which things will be unloaded so that you can pack your car accordingly. This helps us to serve you more efficiently.

Prepare to have material unloaded in this order, at three different stops – MAP
(1) Fluorescent Tubes, Electronics, Clothing & Textiles (pack last, will be unloaded first)
(2) Books, Bikes- Helmets-Bike tools, Styrofoam (shredded paper goes with books) (pack 2nd)
(3) Latex Paint, Aerosol Products, Small Propane Canisters (pack first, on bottom)

Items You Can Recycle
• Aerosol Products: Full or empty spray cans will be accepted. See list of accepted materials here. Cost*
• Bikes, helmets, baskets, tools: (Adult bikes in repairable condition & gently used kids bikes, no rusty bikes or parts)
• Books: text books, kids books, books in good condition, old books of any age, encyclopedias. See details here.
• Clothes and textiles: Clean, dry and free of odors. We will accept items that are stained or torn. Remove all hangers. Tie up in plastic bags. See full list of accepted items here.
• Electronics & holiday light-strings: computers, TVs, DVD players, fax machines, printers, copiers, keyboards, mice, cables, receivers, servers, tablets, phones, electronic games, etc. Full list can be found here. Cost*
• Fluorescent Lamps: 4-foot tubes and CFLs, from residential sources only.

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