Cemetery Board Openings
By Member Tim Maroder
September 30, 2022

The Plato Township Board is seeking two new trustees for the Plato Township Cemetery Board. The Cemetery Board maintains four cemeteries located within Plato Township. The Cemetery Board Trustee position recieves $1,000 compensation annually for their work on the board. The duties associated with the Cemetery Board include:

* Care and maintenance of the cemeteries, overseeing the work of hired contractors.

* Reviewing bids and awarding contracts for cemetery services, such as mowing, maintenance, snow plowing, etc..

* Arranging and coordinating burial services for existing plot owners.

* Plot sales at the Plato Township Cemeteries.

* Reporting to the Plato Township Board at monthly meetings

* Submitting annual budget request to the Plato Township Board.

If you are interested in becoming a Plato Township Cemetery Board Trustee, please contact the Township supervisor at supervisor@platotownship.com or call 847-464-4228.